How To Market A 20ft Refrigerated Container For Sale

November 15, 2019 Off By Eberardo Zepeda

There are different kinds of shipping containers. Some of them are used more frequently than others are. Refrigerated shipping containers are very common these days. Refrigerated shipping containers are mostly 20ft long. 20ft long shipping containers are very versatile and have a variety of uses. They can be used in multiple industries. A 29ft refrigerated shipping container is ideal for transporting items that are fragile or prone to breaking. This makes them extremely popular.

Highlighting the storage temperature

A refrigerated container is often used to transport edible items. The temperature inside a 20ft refrigerated container is supposed to be very low. This fact should be highlighted when marketing it for sale to potential customers.

Using an effective battery

The fuel used to power the 20ft refrigerated container is very important. It makes all the difference to the effectiveness of the 20ft refrigerated container for sale performance. An effective battery can power the entirety of a 20ft refrigerated shipping container. A dry battery is ideal for the purpose. A dry battery has enough power to charge a 20ft refrigerated shipping container for several days. A 20ft refrigerated container can have as many as ten dry batteries attached to it.

A dry battery is there to four times more effective than a regular one. When you advertise a 20ft refrigerated shipping container to potential customers for sale, the battery specifications should be mentioned. This helps the customers make a decision about the 20ft long refrigerated container. Refrigerated containers for sale come in many sizes. The longest ones are thirty to forty feet long. The average size is about five to six feet. However, most refrigerated containers are much larger than that. They range from three to nineteen metres. The width of a regular shipping container is usually there to four times less than its length. This means that the average length of a refrigerated shipping container is three to six feet. The height of a refrigerated containers is also much less than the length. This is what gives shipping containers their elongated shapes. Most shipping containers are in a rectangular shape. Very few are in a square shape. Rectangular shipping containers are ideal for transporting across borders on ships. They can also be used on planes.

Effectiveness for storing edible items

Edible items are hard to transport. They are even harder to transport overseas. A 20ft long shipping container can be ideal for the job of transporting edible items. Marketing a 20ft long refrigerated container for sale can be very tricky. A 20ft shipping container for sale attracts only a few customers. It is advisable to highlight its unique storage ability. Additionally the storage capacity of a 20ft long refrigerated container for sale should be mentioned.